A fun new Kinect game from the folks behind Boom Ball for Kinect and Kung-Fu High Impact

Squid Hero saves the planet from a new ice age! Travel across the world on this cheery and colorful adventure for all ages, using the power of Kinect to smash thousands of encroaching chunks of ice.

Bring a friend or family member along! The whole game can be played in 2-player co-op mode. Switch at any time between levels!

Get up and play! It's easy to start, but you'll need to hone your physical skills throughout the campaign. Pit your dexterity against crazy turbo-speed races. Challenge your accuracy in tight rhythm sections. Weave your way through minefields, smash everything on screen in bonus sections, save hapless critters in the nick of time, and battle epic giant robot bosses!

OUT NOW! Get yours from Xbox Store!

US $9.99  ·  UK £7.99  ·  EU €9.99

Available in: North America: USA, Canada, Mexico - South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia - Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand - Asia: Hong Kong SAR, India, Singapore


"Whether you are looking for a game for yourself, or something for the whole family, Squid Hero will appeal to everyone." - Press A 2 Join

"For most players, I strongly recommend you pick up Squid Hero for Kinect." - ICXM.net

"Once every thousand years when the 7 planets of a Alderon align, a decent Kinect game emerges from the darkness to shine a light of hope for Kinect owners."" - What's Your Tag

"with Squid Hero for Kinect I feel the company has really gotten the whole hand gestures movement down perfectly." - Gamer Headquarters

"... we can imagine kids having hours of fun without it being too hard to play or understand." - Xbox Exposed

"When can your child enjoy a Kinect game? I'll tell you, with an enjoyable simple to explain experience with a funny recognizable character. Dear reader, that's Squid Hero for Kinect." - Life Is Xbox

"2 player co-op but also competitive fun is where the game shines most." - Xbox: Game ON!

"The Kinect controls were perfect and smooth, and it's definitely a solid Kinect game that deserves being checked out." - LaidBack Gaming

"Squid Hero for Kinect merece cada uno de los céntimos que paguemos por él, es divertido y adictivo y eso sin duda es un elemento clave en este tipo de juegos." - Solo Xbox One


Interviews with lead designer Aki Kanerva:

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